EcoVend takes centre stage to support Ireland improve recycling levels.

Following the introduction of the Deposit Return Scheme in Ireland on 1st February 2024, EcoVend has been proudly showcased on the Irish National News Service Provider, RTE News.

EcoVend’s reverse vending machines are being installed across the country in retailers and convenience stores, with over 100 set up and operational already. The use of reverse vending machines makes it super easy for consumers to use and reduces time at the tills to process.

All consumers need to do is round up their clean empty used bottles or cans and take them to a shop with a reverse vending machine. The machine scans the barcode, compacts, and sorts it and the consumer gets their deposit returned in the form of a voucher, that can be redeemed at the participating store.


Travis Way, Managing Director at EcoVend by Reconomy, a leading international circular economy specialist, commented:

“This week’s implementation of Ireland’s Deposit Return Scheme heralds a significant step forward in the country’s recycling capabilities and potential.

These schemes are proven to increase recycling rates significantly and the direction of travel suggests we will see many more deposit return systems introduced globally. For the scheme to be a success we would urge consumers to return their containers empty and undamaged so they can claim their deposit in full, as well as checking out the interactive map to find their nearest EcoVend or take-back point.

Businesses and retailers should be well aware of the scheme and prepared. Their main challenge will be ensuring there is enough awareness of how the scheme works to ensure that only containers with the Re-turn Logo are returned as containers purchased before the scheme went live should not be accepted. There are commercial opportunities too in improving customer loyalty and enhancing their reputation. Deposit return schemes will create substantial benefits in helping Ireland transition to a more circular economy. Alongside improving recycling rates, it should create a virtuous circle in encouraging innovation within the resource management and materials sectors alongside an evolution in consumers’ attitudes towards waste.”

What is the Deposit Return Scheme in Ireland?

Facilitated through Environmental Organisation, Re-turn, Ireland’s Deposit Return Scheme was rolled out on 1st February 2024 to focus on driving the recycling rate and reducing litter.

The scheme will mean that any Irish consumer purchasing a drink in a plastic bottle of aluminium can featuring the Re-turn logo will have to pay a deposit of 15 cents for containers up to 500ml and 25 cents for containers between 500m and 3ltrs on top of the drinks cost. However, once the empty and undamaged container is returned (which could be through a reverse vending machine), the consumer will get a full refund of their deposit.