Deposit Return Scheme Understanding how it works

Looking to better understand how a deposit return scheme works and where each country is at with implementing one? Here is some content to get you started!

What is a Deposit Return Scheme? 

A Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) is an innovative solution aimed at reducing litter and promoting recycling by incentivising consumers to return their used beverage containers. Through this program, consumers pay a small deposit when purchasing beverages packaged in eligible containers. Upon returning the empty containers to designated collection points, they receive a refund of their deposit.

Deposit return scheme

Benefits of a Deposit Return Scheme

Environmental Impact:

By participating in a DRS, you contribute to reducing litter and promoting recycling, thereby conserving natural resources and mitigating environmental pollution.

Community Engagement:

A DRS fosters community engagement by providing opportunities for individuals to actively participate in environmental stewardship efforts.


With numerous collection points strategically located across the region, returning empty beverage containers is convenient and hassle-free.

Deposit Return Schemes by country

By hovering over the countries highlighted in blue, you can use the below map to see the status of Deposit Return Schemes:


How does a Deposit Return Scheme work?

The scheme works by providing consumers with an incentive for every empty beverage container they deposit into the machine. EcoVend has put together the below to help communicate how each scheme works, through a ‘DRR’ process.

  • Deposit: When consumers purchase beverages in containers covered by a DRS, a small deposit fee is added to their purchase.
  • Return: Once a consumer has enjoyed the beverage, they simply return the empty container to any of EcoVend’s conveniently located reverse vending machine.
  • Refund: Upon returning the container, the consumer will receive a deposit refund or other reward, incentivising recycling and encouraging environmental consciousness.

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