How it works

The EcoVend, by Reconomy Group, range of reverse vending machines are ideal for various applications, supporting to reduce waste management costs and increase recycling levels.

The benefits our machines will bring

Reverse vending machines deliver the cleanest loop of recycling compared to conventional recycling from public bins that only captures circa 60% of single use beverage containers for recycling. It is the perfect time to make the switch, especially considering a national deposit return scheme is coming down the line for the UK. The range feature many unique technical innovations as well as cutting-edge functionality:

  • Eye catching design for maximum user engagement
  • Fully touchless operation available to support virus control
  • Step-by-step user voice command option
  • Advertising opportunities
  • Simple by design technology improves reliability
  • Easy, fast and safe cleaning

Reverse vending is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Load empty beverage containers into the chute
  2. The barcode/unique code is scanned and logged
  3. Receive your reward

Installation, delivery and training

Once you’ve entered the new generation of recycling with your reverse vending machine, our technical team will assist you with the installation, along with suitable set up and training. 

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Management software

Each machine will come with a robust cloud based management software interface.

  • All data is transmitted securely and capable of supporting both multi-regional localisation and to interface with third-party systems.
  • There are regular data exchanges that include usage metric and machine health (heartbeats) to ensure fast response to any maintenance requirements
  • The software is used to distribute advertising to the screens as well as providing data on the materials being collected by the machine.

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International reseller opportunity

International reseller opportunity

Our reverse vending machines are now available in multiple countries. For all export and distribution partner enquiries please contact us.