EcoVend Partner with the Federation of Independent Retailers

We are excited to share the news that we have partnered with the Fed – the Federation of Independent Retailers ahead of the Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) roll out in Scotland on the 16th August.

We are entering such an important phase with the Scottish DRS roll out and to partner with the Fed means we can engage and support the association’s community in the lead up to the launch of the scheme. As a business that works across the globe, we have experience of working with businesses in countries where DRS has already been introduced, so sharing insights will enable businesses to be prepared and ready for the change.

Speaking about the partnership, Travis Way, Managing Director at EcoVend said:
“As a reverse vending machine provider, we are excited to partner with, and work alongside the Fed to support its members as DRS is introduced over the coming months and years. Collaboration and communication is a key part of the success of any DRS rollout and we welcome the opportunity to help the community prepare for, and understand the legislation that will affect them in the future.”

Fed President Jason Birks said:
“The Fed is very excited to welcome a new partner operating in the DRS field. Now that DRS has been announced across the entirety of the UK and Ireland, it’s great to get a partner who can support the transition to DRS across our membership. New partners provide great benefits to our members helping to save money, make money, and make business easier. We look forward to working with EcoVend to support our Scottish members in the transition to DRS this August and then to our Republic of Ireland members thereafter.”