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A beginners guide to reverse vending machines

Why choose reverse vending?

Reverse vending is being used across a number of countries as part of a deposit return scheme (DRS). The UK government is planning to introduce a national DRS and it is estimated that 36,750 reverse vending machines will be required for the full UK implementation alone. Now is the perfect time to prepare and equip your business ahead of the legislation coming in.

Our aim with the EcoVend range is to improve recycling in the environment with a range of products that will enhance recycling collection rates.

A reverse vending machine is a highly efficient recycling machine that is used by the general public to deposit empty single-use beverage containers in return for a monetary or non-monetary reward. Using this process is a simple and effective way to prevent beverage container waste from being downcycled or worse, polluting our land and oceans.

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